Biafra ​Revolutionary Forces

Our Mission

Biafra Revolutionary Forces (BRF) exists to provide and promote democracy and justice for all citizens of Biafra and the world. BRF seeks to secure freedom, justice, and prosperity for all citizens of Biafra by developing and maintaining safe borders, security, human rights, and rule of law. We promote peace through dialogue with the focus of maintaining a sovereign nation and clean earth.

Announcement- March 28,2018

Biafrans living in the Nigerian Federation, outside of Biafra land, should with immediate effect return home. ​


Breaking News!

 April 24, 2018: The following have been captured by BRF:
 1. Colonel Muhammed Dankwanbo, Army
 2. Colonel Muhammed Hamid, Army
 3. Yerima Amed, Police
 4. Umaro Shetima, Mobile Police
 5. Lawal Diko, a Malian contracted to Nigerian Police

 April 23, 2018: As fighting rages on between combined teams of BRF and Nigerian Forces, the following have been captured:
 1. Major General Mohammed Diko, Army
 2. Colonel Razarak Aliu, Army
 3. Major General Omoyole Tosu, Army
 4. Moses Ocheta, Police
 5. Colonel Adamu Mubarak, An Egyptian Army Officer contracted by the Nigerian military

 April 22, 2018: The following have been set ablaze by combined teams of BRF:
 1. Muhammed Mutala Way Army Barrack near Kaduna State
 2. Abubakar Rimi Way Police Station in Kano
 3. Jalingo Police Station in Taraba State

 April 22, 2018: Major General Bashiru Amed was captured following fierce fighting between Nigerian Army's Hausa-Fulani   soldiers in Southern Kaduna.

 April 21, 2018: At 02:45, the following Nigerian Army officers were captured from Abacha Military Barrack in Abuja:
 1. Colonel Abubakar Adamu
 2. Major General Ibrahim Abba
 3. Major General Zubairo Aliyu
 4. Major General Shehu Rabby

 April 21, 2018: The Sultan of Sokoto ordered Hausa Fulani soldiers to Benue and Taraba States.Many lay dead and over 100   houses have been burned. BRF did not intervene because the Benue people, including their politicans lke David Mark, have   publicly stated that they do not believe in Biafra.

 April 19, 2018: Major General Adamu Bello, from Abacha Military Barracks in Abuja State, has been captured by bRF.

 April 19, 2018: Colonel Faruk Almakura, of Abuja Army Barrack, has been captured by BRF. He is the brother of Tanko   Almakura,   the Governor of Nasawara State.

 April 17, 2018: Colonel Shehu Yahaya has been captured by BRF.

 April 16, 2018: Major General Magaji Muhammed, General Commander of Abacha Barrack in Abuja has been captured by BRF.   Prior to capture he was well known for breaking the Rules of Engagement.

 April 15, 2018: The following Nigerian military and paramilitary officers have been captured by BRF:
 1. Colonel Nasiru Umaru, Army
 2. Colonel Idris, Army
 3. Colonel Sani Muhammed, Army
 4. Mustapha Amed, Police
 5. Ibrahim Muhammed, Mobile Police
 6. Captain Usman Isa, Army
 7. Colonel Haruna Tijan, Army

 April 15, 2018: After retired Minister of the Interior, Lieutenant General Dambazo, sought help from Benin Republic, Nigeria has   been given 4,000 soldiers to help fight BRF in Kaduna State and other areas in Nigeria.

April 14, 2018: As fighting continues across multiple Northern and Middle Belt States, The following Nigerian Army Officers have   been captured by   BRF:
 1. Colonel Magnus Iwa
 2. Captain Johnson Berema
 3. Major Dominic Mgbe
 4. Major General Ibrahim Muhammed- General Officer commanding 149 Barrack in Sokoto State
 5. Major General Alex Mbadiwe- Commander of military barrack in Jos, Plateau State. A well-known hater of Biafra.

 April 14, 2018: As people continue to flee areas in and around Kaduna Airport and Kwara International Airport, BRF confirms   the capture of the following Nigerian Security personnel:
 1. Shehu Babatunde, Customs
 2. Major General Eleaza Oma, Army
 3. Colonel Dickson Ode, Army
 4. Yusuf Umaro, Mobile Police
 5. Colonel Jackson Onuwa, Army
 6. Major General Mustapha Aliyu- General Commander 199 Battalion Army Barrack, Kano State
 7. Colonel Hakim Mamud, Army
 8. Chukwudi Solomon, Army- Betrayed his people, serving at 133 Army Barrack, Jos, Plateau State
 9. Colonel Emmanuel Uchenna, Army
 April 11, 2018: The Federal Government of Nigeria has fired the Asistant Director of the Federal Radio Corporation (FRCN) due
 to his inability to block the BRF website from public access.

 April 11, 2018: BRF claims responsibility for the air bombardment of the Nigerian Air Force Base in Kaduna and the armory   depot in Kachia, Kaduna State. The Nigerian Government can no longer hide the activities of BRF from the public. Labeling us   'bandits' will only provoke BRF to continue its course and show the world its commitment and strength.  

  April 10, 2018: More than 200 Nigerian Police Offcers feared dead as fighting continues between Nigerian Police and BRF in   Kwara State, as residents continue to flee.

 April 8, 2018: BRF shot down a Chadian fighter jet near Kaduna State. All sixteen (16) soldiers and the military gear they were   carrying to fight BRF was eliminated. The Nigerian Government is actively working to prevent any press from covering the crash.

 April 4,2018: The newest and most sophisticated fighter jet in the Nigerian Air force fleet, which was stationed in Kano State,   has been burned and destroyed by combined BRF teams.

 April 2, 2018: BRF can authoritatively confirm a plot by Northern Elders in Nigeria to honor the demand of fake President Jibril   to leave the country due to the rapid deterioration of the Nigerian Federation and increased calls against the administration of   M. Buhari (Jibril).
 In order to save face, the elders have plotted to send Jibril to Britain for 'medical treatment' on or about April 15, 2018. After a   short period of time, they will report the death of 'Buhari'. They will claim a quick burial was required due to the traditions of     the Muslim faith.
 It should be noted that the real Buhari died in Britain in 2017. His body was secretly rushed to Nigeria and buried with Former   British Prime Minister Tony Blair in attendance.

 April 1, 2018: TY Buratai, Chief of Army Staff for the Nigerian Army, is holding a meeting in Lagos with the Chief of Army Staff of   Chad. Buratai is begging Chad to supply Nigeria with soldiers and military gear to fight BRF. This comes after repeated refusals   from many other countries. 


 Biafra Revolutionary Forces
Office of the High Command

Press Release

April 7, 2018

 Currently people are running from Zamfara, Kogi, Benue, Kaduna and Plateau States as houses are burning and Nigerian soldiers attack journalists trying to cover the mayhem befalling the entire North of Nigeria.

Many are asking, ‘Why is Biafra Revolutionary Forces (BRF) fighting in the North?’

Our answer: When you destroy the livelihood of the Biafran people, targeting their individual factories and places of business, and occupying their land; killing and raping their women, what do you expect? If Nigeria defiles our house, we will decimate theirs.

BRF will not sit down, fold their arms and shout for a referendum. Referendum cannot come as long at Biafra land is the cash cow of Europe and the United States. BRF does not seek recognition, but restoration.

BRF, on behalf of the Biafran people, have taken our destiny into our own hands and there is no going back. It is either Biafra or no Nigeria. If necessary, BRF will reduce the Nigerian Federation to ashes.

The only way to avert the looming catastrophe that will befall Nigeria, is to recognize the Sovereign State of Biafra, both within Nigeria and in the international community. We warn that Somalia will be a paradise compared to what will occur should there be any delay, which the entire sub region of West Africa cannot withstand.

All hail Biafra! Long live BRF!

Michele Fishman, M.Ed.
BRF Spokesperson.

Press Releases
 March 4, 2018            March 25, 2018     
 March 18, 2018 

 March 24, 2018

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The following are Nigerian military personnel who have been captured or killed by BRF:

 Sadik Umaro- 2nd Chief of Air Force Staff
 Ibrahim Mota- 2nd Airstaff Chief of Airforce base-Plateau State
 Andrew Abbe- Major General, Commander of Army Forces- Delta State
 Usman Bello- 2nd Commander Nigerian Airforce
 Aliyu Musa- 4th Commander Nigerian Airforce
 Shaibo Umaro- 4th Air Commander- Abuja
 Diko Lawal-  2nd Air Commander- Abuja
 Mustapha Salihu- 6th air Commander- Abuja
 Danjuma Goje- Navy Captain
 Mohammed Sule- Navy Captain
 Yusuf Diko, Airforce Engineer
 Samalia Mohammed, Chief of Airstaff, Zone 7-Kano State
 Lawal Umaro, Chief of Airstaff, Zone 5-Jos, Plateau State
 Danjuma Muhammed, Director of Airforce
 Hasan Husenu, Major General Army  *led Operation Crocodile Tears in Rivers State
 Garuba Shehu, Chief of Airstaff- Zone 2- Kaduna State
 Aliyu Guzo, Chief of Airstaff- Damaturoy, Yobe State
 Danduje Maro, Chief of Airstaff, Kaduna State
 Shaibo Isa, Chief of Airstaff, Plateau State
 Hadija Rabi, Chief of Airstaff, Kano State
 Taiwo Omuniyi, Army Colonel
 Maman Guzo, Army Major General  *second in command of Operation Python Dance 3
 Aminu Aliyu, Chief of Airstaff, Zone 3- Plateau State
 Lawal Gambo, Chief of Airstaff, Jos, Plateau State
 Salihu Ibrahim, Chief of Airstaff, Zone 2, Plateau State
 Ismaila Shehu, Chief of Airstaff, Kaduna State
 Muhammed Tanko, Chief of Airstaff, Kaduna State
 Jubril Umaro, Chief of Airstaff, Sokoto State 
 Ibrahim Shehu, Air Chief of Staff, Jos, Plateau State
 Sule Muhammed, Air Chief of Staff, Jos, Plateau State
 Umaro Ismaila, Air Chief of Staff, Kaduna State
​ Lawal Muhammed, Air Chief of Staff, Borno State
 Yusuf Muhammed, Army Major General
 Hafis Umaro, Army Colonel
 Ibrahim Diko, Army Colonel
 Suleiman Audu, Army Major General
​ Dankwanbo Umaro, Army Colonel
 *The following four officers were captured upon their return from Egypt for training:
 Muhammed Shehu, Air Chief of Staff- Zone 4- Kano/Jos 
 Usman Atahiru, Air Chief of Staff- Zone 4- Kano/Jos 
 Ismailia Muhammed, Air Chief of Staff- Zone 4- Kano/Jos
 Aliya Musa, Air Chief of Staff- Zone 4- Kano/Jos
 Abdulaziz Shehu, Air Marshal
 Dauda Kasum, Air Marshal- Niger State
 Jeremiah Husenu, Air Marshal- Abuja Airforce
 Bafarawa Shehu, Air Force Commander- Niger State
 *The following three (3) officers are from Zone 2- Kano State and Zone 4- Kaduna State:
 George Audu, Air Staff Commander
 Shaibo Usman, Air Staff Commander
 Baba Aliyu Lawal, Air Staff Commander
 Hasan Muhammed, Director of Air Force/Engineer, Zone 4- Jos, Plateau State
 Shehu Mustapha, Chief of Air Force Staff/ Force Commander- Niger State
 Mubarak Ibrahim, Air Force Zonal Commander- Zone 2 Jos, Plateau State
           -Mubarak Ibrahim was an Egyptian Pilot working for the Nigerian Government. He is responsible for                          multiple bombings if Biafraland, mostly in Niger Delta. While the Egyptian High Commission
            searches for his whereabouts, the Nigerian Government is offering N500M, for any information.
 Muhammed Shehu, Chief of Air Staff- Zone 3 Abuja
 Shehu Amed, Second in Command of Air Staff- Zone 3 Kaduna State
 Salihu Ibrahim, Chief of Air Staff/ Director of Nigerian Air Force
            - Salihu Ibrahim was a Director in the Nigerian Air Force who secured the hiring of Air Force pilots from                      Egypt who have been bombing Biafra land on behalf of the Nigerian Government.
 The following nine were killed in fighting in Jaji, Kaduna State and were based in this location:
 Amadu Ali, Major General
 Paul Ilewa, Major General
 Solomon Dina, Colonel
 Shitu Shema, Major General
 Suleman, General Commander- Nigerian Army- Jaji, Kaduna State
 Benson Iwuji, Major General/Bodyguard
 Josiah Onuoha, Colonel/Second in Command
 Abdurahaman Marki, Major
 Shaibo Amed, Major General
 Baba Aliyu Guzo, General Commander- Air Force- Zone 4 Abuja​ 
 The following ten (10) Nigerian Army Officers were killed in battle with BRF at Jaba local government in Kwoi   Kwain, Kaduna State:   
 Nuhu Amed, Colonel
 Shehu Ibrahim, Colonel
 Mohammed Rehuman, Colonel
 Paul Agbo, Major
 Usman Tahiru, Major General
 Mamud Baba Yaro, Colonel
 Kabiru Umaro, Major General
 Abdulaziz Kanti, Colonel
 Unisa Dabo, Sergeant
 Shitu Lawal, Colonel
 The following (6) Nigerian Army Officers were captured by BRF in Jaba local government, Kaduna State:
 Baba Shehu Mamal, Colonel
 Linus Uwesu, Major General
 Dayo Oluwa, Captain
 Muhammed Yusuf, Major General
 Shaibo Abdulaziz, Major General
​ Mustapha Amed, Colonel
 The following two (2) are Egyptian pilots contracted by the Nigerian Government to fly their fighter jets:
 Hasan Saidu
​ Mubarak Amed
 Mamud Shehu, Major General
 Patrick Emmanuel, Colonel
 Josiah Shitu, Colonel
 Ismailia Mohammed, Colonel
 Salif Amed, Colonel 
 Tazeez Mustapha, Captain
 Shelmany Ali, Egyptian Pilot
 Yusuf Amed, Major General- General Comander Plateau State
 Kingsley Mmadu, Colonel
 Ali Yusuf Amed, Major General
 Abubakar Malami, Major General
 Ibrahim Maku, Major General
 Andrew Ochefu, Colonel
​ Salihu Ibrahim, Colonel
 Danjuma Umaro, Major General
 Timothy Ado, Colonel
 Nuhu Ibrahim, Colonel
 Ibrahim Zaki, Colonel
 Mohammed Azeez, Colonel
 Solomon Mark, Colonel
 Isaiah Etim, Colonel
 Yusuf Saido, Colonel
 Umaro Baba, Major
 Oluwa George, Colonel
 Nasiru Tuko, Major General
 Ismailia Audu, Sergeant- Mobile Police
 Johnson Onuwa, Major General- confirmed taking bribe to betray Biafrans
 Dickson Oruka, Colonel- confirmed working to betray Biafrans
 Danjuma Shehu, Air Force Commander- Zone 4 Sokoto
 Balarabi Amed, Colonel
​ Sylvester Alum, General- known as one of the toughest, confirmed betraying Biafrans
 Prosper Ogene, Commander of Air Force- Zone 2 Lantan/Jos
​ Rabby Amed, Major General
 Johnson Efili, Major General
 Olufemi Oluwa, Major General
 Turkish Amed, Major General
​ David Oti, Colonel
 The following Nigerian military and paramiitary men and women have been captured by BRF in Isa local   government, Sokoto State: 
 Oluwa Shegun, Police, Sergeant
 Dickson Dairo, Police
 Josiah Buba, Police
 Mohammed Shehu, Police Inspector
 Abdulaziz Mamud, Police
 Uche John, Police
 Yerima Amed, Customs Officer
 Sule Shetima, Major General, Army
 Shehu Halima, Police
 Andrew Ogbe, Division Head of Isa Police
 Dickson Oti, Colonel, Army
 Shaibo Musa, Major General, Army
 Johnson Muca, Major Genera,l Army
 Simeon Oluwa, Captain, Army
 Isa Mohammed, Commander of Zone 4 Sokoto, Air Force
 Fatima Musa, Police, Sergeant - accepted bribe from Former Govenor of Abia State
 Andrew Barnabas, Major General, Army
 Atahiru Musa, Colonel, Army
 Timothy Ilesa, Major General, Army
 Azeez Ania, Major General, Army
 Linus Anka, Colonel, Army
​ Shehu Diko, Colonel, Army
 Ambrose Audu, Police
 Suleman Kabiru, Major General, Army
 Bello Musa, unidentified
 Bafarawa Amed, Colonel, Army
 Jackson Onuoha, Police
 James Oluwa, Customs
 Shetima Mustapha, Major General, Army
 Paul Ije, Colonel, Army
​ Mohammed Saidu, Colonel, Army
 The following ten (10) Nigerian military and paramilitary officers have been captured alive and killed as fighting   continues throughout the entire Northern region of Nigeria, including Kwara State: 
 Tanko Sahidi, Divisional Police
 Joseph Ehimophe, Divisional Police
 Razak Shegun, Colonel, Army
 Samuel Shegun, Police
 Ibrahim Buba, Colonel, Army
 Ismael Mohammed, Colonel, Army
 Solomon Dauda, Colonel, Army
 Halimuta Isa, Police
 Musa Amed, Major General, Army
 Texas Omoniyi, Major General, Army
 The following Nigerian Army and Police officers have been captured in Kwara State:
 Andrew Bamidele, Mobile Police
 Simeon Onu, Colonel, Army
 Oti Emmanuel, Mobile Police
 Faminine Susan, Police
 Ambrose Aiko, Divisional Police
 Ismailia Shehu, Major General, Army
 Hakim Shola, Police
 Wilfree Mark, Major General, Army
 Rabby Sheka, Major General, Army
 Ibrahim Isiaku, Colonel, Army
 Almadu Mohammed, Director of SARS- Kwara State
 Yahaya Bello, Major General, Army
 Yakubu Ibrahim, Major General, Army
​ Kwankwaso, Major General, Army
 The following Nigerian Security personnel, and one Egyptian Pilot, have been captured in Kwara and Kaduna   States, as two (2) Nigerian Police Stations are ablaze:
 Hamza Amed, Customs Controller of Kano, Kwara and Nigeria/Niger border
 Leo Shema, Brigidier General, Army officer in charge of Kaduna Refinery
 Shitu Bid, Colonel, Army
 Kabiru Mustapha, Mobile Police
 Saidu Abubakar, Egyptian pilot
 Halibar Shema, Captain, Army
 Audu Ibrahim, Captain, Army
 The following ten (10) Nigerian Army officers and Police Officer have been captured by BRF:
 Shegu Babatunde, Colonel, Army
 Dankwanbo Umaro, Major General, Army
 Muhammed Samaila, Major, Army
 Sadik Muhammed, Major, Army
 Lazarus Ambodr, Lieutenant, Army
 Chimaobi Ejo, Major, Army
 Dominic Ella, Major General, Army
 Magnus Omen, Major General, Army
 Razak Mustapha, Major General, Army
​ Andrew Shegun, Police



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About us
Biafra Revolutionary Forces (BRF) was established by an international collection of people opposed to the subjugation and marginalization of the the Biafran people. Members come from all cultures, nationalities, educational backgrounds, and religions. BRF has no religious or political affiliations.