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Our Mission

Biafra Revolutionary Forces (BRF) exists to provide and promote democracy and justice for all citizens of Biafra and the world. BRF seeks to secure freedom, justice, and prosperity for all citizens of Biafra by developing and maintaining safe borders, security, human rights, and rule of law. We promote peace through dialogue with the focus of maintaining a sovereign nation and clean earth.
Breaking News!

Fellow Biafrans at home and abroad, we bring you news of hope and joy!

We hereby assure you that your hour of emancipation and freedom has arrived!

BRF is formidible, resilient, disciplined and prepared to provide whatever is necessary to end the bondage by Nigeria and offer freedom and prosperity to the Biafran people.
We operate according to the United Nations Rules of Engagement and the Geneva Convention protocols.
BRF will not hesitiate to deal with any who threaten our mission in deed or action.
We are here to stay. There will be no retreat, no surrender and we will not relent until total victory is achieved.


Stay tuned for frequent updates and information ...
BRF High Command

​World Alert:

The Nigerian Government has ordered the arrest of any Biafran arriving at any airport in the country.
Statement- February 5, 2018

The Nigerian Government has brought the Norwegian Ambassador to Rivers State to attempt to negotiate with Biafra Revolutionary Forces (BRF) for a cease fire.
BRF reminds all parties that our mission will not cease until the restoration of the Biafran Nation is complete.
We work with NO politician or government organization and there will be no negotiation. We will accept no monetary or material incentives, nor will we engage in any negotiation prior to the restoration of the Biafran Nation.

Press Release
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​Latest Updates

 December 24, 2017: At approx. 01:00 BRF attacks the 82nd Division (82DIV) Army barrack in Enugu State. More than 1,400   Nigerian soldiers killed.

 December 26,2017: Heavy fighting erupts between BRF and Nigerian Police in Oturukpo, Benue state. The Benue State   Government imposes a curfew.

 December 28, 2017: Nigerian Government lies about Buhari's son. Yusuf Buhari, son of deceased Nigerian President, was     attacked on border between Nigeria and the Niger Republic. He was with one Nigerian Army Officer, who was flown abroad for   medical treatment.
 December 29, 2017 UPDATE: Yusuf Buhari, son of deceased Nigerian President, flown abroad after bullets shatter one of his   legs during a deadly ambush which claimed the life of a Major in the Nigerian Army.
 December 29,2017 UPDATE: Yusuf Buhari, son of deceased Nigerian President, flown back to Nigeria after no medical   treatment is possible to preserve life. Upon return, no medical clinics will accept him. He is currently being shuttled from   private hospital to private hospital seeking care. Meanwhile, his mother Aisha Buhari, is said to be in a coma brought on by   despair. 
 January 3, 2018 UPDATE: The doctor treating Yusuf Buhari declared missing. Security tightened around clinic as Yusuf remains   in a coma.
 January 30, 2018 UPDATE: Yusuf Buhari has been taken back to Katsina for looming burial. He is not expected to survive.

 December 29, 2017: Fifty (50) Nigerian Army Officers killed in an attack in Jaji, Kaduna State.

 December 29,2017: Gombe State Main Prison has been completely burned to the ground.

 December 30, 2017: Liberian President-elect, George Weah, refuses to receive Former Nigerian President, Olusengun Obasanjo,   in Monrovia.

 December 30, 2017: BRF has taken over the entire Ekeremo State local government in Bayelsa State, after over running the   army barracks. Over 1200 Nigerian casualties reported and many more wounded.

 January 1, 2018: Sixty-five (65) Nigerian Army Officers dispatched from Janji, Kaduna State to reinforce weak Nigerian soldiers in   Bayelsa State, have been captured and killed.

 January 3, 2017: The largest Police station in Zamfara State has been burnt to the ground. The Governor, Abdulaziz Abubakar,   has run away.

 January 3, 2017: The Nigerian Army plans to send 750 troops to reinforce Bayelsa State. 

 January 4, 2018: Of five fighter jets sold to Nigeria by Pakistan, one was stolen and last night one was set ablaze. Three remain...

 January 5, 2018: The 19 Northern Governors held a meeting. Promised to pay N20m to any one who can help locate Radio   Biafra transmitter in   Northern Nigeria.

 January 5, 2018: Ralph Lebeanya Uwazirike, the MASSOB leader, has ordered and supervised the murder of his former security   chief, Arinze (Noface). They dug a grave and buried him inside Freedom House Okwe.

 January 10, 2018: Heavy fighting in Jos, Plateau State between BRF and Nigerian Army. Over 300 Nigerian soldiers killed.   Civilians running away as fighting rages.

 January 10, 2018: The bodies of twenty-one (21) Hausa-Fulani Nigerian soldiers killed in battle in Bayelsa State arrive in   Northern Nigeria for burial.

 January 24, 2018: Two Egyptian pilots killed in Abuja.

 January 26, 2018: Deji Tunumbu, brother of the former Lagos Senator, has been killed in Abuja.​

 January 30, 2018: Ninety (90) Nigerian armed forced personnel have run away from fighting in Baylesa State due to heavy   losses as BRF and Nigerian troops continue to clash.


Current Happenings...
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    Bribes dispersed for votes in Governor's election.
  2. Persecution ongoing...
    Nigerian army tortures unarmed civilians
  3. Truth of Nigeria on Independence
    Citizens discuss reality of life in Nigeria
  4. Nigerian Police brutality
    Unarmed Biafrans beaten for refusing to pay 50N bribe.
  5. Bruce Fein on persecution...
    US Constitutional attorney explains current situation.
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​Children flee school and tainted vaccines

Citizens speak on events in Abia 

Citizens testify on Police harrassment and brutality

About us
Biafra Revolutionary Forces (BRF) was established by an international collection of people opposed to the subjugation and marginalization of the the Biafran people. Members come from all cultures, nationalities, educational backgrounds, and religions. BRF has no religious or political affiliations.