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Biafra Revolutionary Forces (BRF) exists to provide and promote democracy and justice for all citizens of Biafra and the world. BRF seeks to secure freedom, justice, and prosperity for all citizens of Biafra by developing and maintaining safe borders, security, human rights, and rule of law. We promote peace through dialogue with the focus of maintaining a sovereign nation and clean earth.
​​Breaking News!
 September 18, 2018: At the time of this filing, there is heavy fighting in the following local government areas of Abuja, the   capital of Nigeria:
 1. Abaji LGA
 2. Bwari LGA

 September 16, 2018: At the time of this post, the entire citizenry of Bida LGA in Niger State, Nigeria is on the run. The former   Nigerian Military Head of State, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida is in a panic as fighting rages in his locality.

 September 16, 2018: Heavy fighting has broken out in the following local governments in Niger State, Nigeria:
 1. Agaie LGA
​ 2. Bida LGA

 September 16, 2018: Giwa Barrack, located in Gusau in Zamfara State, has been overrun and is currently deserted by the   Nigerian military. The barrack was taken after soldiers in the Nigerian military refused to fight and evacuated following the BRF   press release of September 12, 2018 (see below). This is the fourth barrack overrun in the past 24 hours.

 Additionally, heavy fighting now reported in Anka LGA in Zamfara State.

 September 15, 2018: The following Nigerian Army Barracks have been, and continue to be, under heavy bombardment for the   last 24 hours:
 1. Obienu Barracks, Nasawara State
 2. Ejoor Barrack, Nasawara State
 3. Solawale 33 Brigade Army Barrack in Bauchi State

 Additionally, these Nigerian politicians have taken the following actions to avoid harm from violence at their locations:
 1. The Governor of Plateau State, Simon Bako LaLong, has escaped to an unknown location after heavy fighting between his   security men and soldiers from the Bomb and Rocket Barracks in Jos, over unpaid salaries for soldiers.
 2. Atiku Abubakar, former Nigerian Vice President, and his family have run from their hometown of Yola in Adamawa State to   Abuja.
 3. Zamfara State Governor, Abdulaziz Abubakar, has left his state due to the overthrow of the military barracks.
 4. Ganduje of Kano, Tambowa of Sokoto, Wamako of Sokoto, and Benue Governor, Samuel Ortom, have all hired private   vigilantes for protection.

 September 11, 2018: The following Nigerian Army Officers were captured by BRF during fierce fighting in Abuja at   approximately   01:45:
 1. Major General Hassan Chukar
 2. Major General Usman Shehu
 3. Colonel Muhammed Diko
 4. Colonel Alihusa Musa
 5. Colonel Usee Muhammed
 6. Colonel Atihiru Muhammed Muhammed
 7. Colonel Sule Amed

 September 7, 2018: A coalition of five (5) SE Governors, led by Chief John Nnia Nwodo, President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, are   putting intense pressure on TY Burati, the Nigerian Army Chief of Staff, to engage the Army in Operation Python Dance 3 and   target leaders of the Biafran restoration movement. Buratai remains reluctant to sign orders.

 September 5, 2018: The Niger Delta Elder, Mr. Edwin Clark, who has long been involved with Nigerian Government corruption   and has betrayed his people by purposefully scuttling the restoration of Biafra, has escaped and assasination attempt in Abuja   last night and has fled to an unknown destination.

 September 4, 2018: Heavy fighting ongoing since yesterday in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria in the following local government   areas:
 1. Gura Topp in Rayfield, Jos South LGA
 2. Barkin Ladi LGA, this is a new attack from ones reported earlier
 3. Riyom, Jos South LGA
 Fifty-two (52) people are dead and 40 are severely injured and receiving treatment in Jos Teaching Hospital at the time of this   report. 
 Nigerian soldiers in the Bomb Barracks in Jos are fighting among themselves over their support or lack of support for Army   COS Buratai. Ten (10) soldiers have been killed by their own forces in the argument.  

 September 4, 2018: Lawal Daura, the recently fired Director General of the Nigerian DSS, who was said to be under house   arrest, has recently left the country over fear of prosecution.

 September 4, 2018: The Federal Government of Nigeria has issued an order to close Akanubiam Airport in Enugu, Biafra land,   and has directed that all Biafrans entering or leaving the country must be routed through Lagos or Abuja and must   be thoroughly searched.

 September 3, 2018: BRF confirms that the remaining 30 ISIS militia members, of the original 3,000, brought by the Nigerian   Government from Iran and Lebanon, along with 40 Nigerian soldiers brought from Lagos, were killed last night in Northern   Borno State between the   border with Niger. Among those killed were Colonel James Ogbodo from Rivers State and Colonel   Timi Auje from Bayelsa State.

 September 2, 2018: BRF can now confirm that the Nigerian Governor of Bauchi State, Muhammed Abubakar, has been whisked   away from Bauchi State House to Kwara State by security personnel as fighting intensifies.

 September 2, 2018: Residents running and destruction of property reported during heavy fighting happening now in Bauchi   State in the following local governments:
 1. Alkaleri LGA
 2. Bogoro LGA
 3. Damban LGA
 4. Darazo LGA

 September 1, 2018: At 00:00, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) pipeline that supplies gas to Sokoto State   was blown up and continues to burn in a large area of the state. Many homes are burning and people are fleeing the area to   avoid the fire.

 August 30, 2018: BRF can now confirm the secret agenda of Theresa May's recent journey to Africa. While in South Africa, PM   May begged the South African Government to release the Russian ship containing 'weapons of mass destruction' that was   stopped en route to Lagos. The South African Government refused. Officials in the Nigerian Government are now in a   desperate state as they do not have enough arms and ammunition to support their military operations.

 August 30, 2018: Fighting continues in Kaduna. Nigerian military records very heavy casualties and many soldiers flee, in the   following locations: 
 1. Soba Town
 2. Sanga Town in Gwantu
 3. Makarfi Town in Markafi
 4. Lere Town in Saminaka
 5. Kudan Town in Kaura
 6. Kachia Town in Kachia

 August 29, 2018: All Biafrans currently serving the the Nigerian Military and Paramilitary are advised to resign their posts, with   immediate effect, or risk being killed as an enemy of their people.

 August 29, 2018: Biafra Revolutionary Forces (BRF) has given the Federal Government of Nigeria a 21-day ultimatum to   completely vacate all military personnel from Jaji, Kachia and the the entire state of Kaduna or risk being overrun.

 August 29, 2018: More than 300 Air Force students and 280 Nigerian soldiers have been killed in attacks in the following   locations, as the 6PM to 6AM curfew continues in Kaduna State:
 1. Army Day Secondary School, Bukavu Barracks, Kano State
 2. Airforce Training School, Zaria, Kaduna State
 3. Airforce Institute of Technology, Kawo, Kaduna State

 August 27, 2018: The Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, has ordered a 6PM to 6AM curfew in Ngwanji LGA and its   surrounding towns and villages, as fighting between BRF and Nigerian soldiers rages in northern Kaduna. 

 August 26,2018: Heavy fighting reported in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria in the following local governments; Jos-East LGA, Jos-   North LGA, Kanam LGA, Kanke LGA. Heavy casualties and destruction of properties. Will update as more information is   received...  
 August 26, 2018: UPDATE: The remaining 30 ISIS militia men, of the original 3,000, who were imported by the Nigerian   Government from Iran and Lebanon are currently housed, with heavy security, in the Mogadishu (Abacha) Barrack in Abuja.   The governments of Iran and Lebanon are demanding the Nigerian government pay them back for the loss of the other 2,470   militia men who have been killed and buried in northern Nigeria.

 August 24, 2018: Twenty (20) people are dead and another 15 critically injured as a petrol tanker was set on fire by 'bandits' in   Felele area in Kogi State. Same 'bandits' kill 45 Hausa men observing Sallah in their mosque in Misau LGA in Bauchi State, while   many homes were burned to the ground.

 August 22, 2018: Last night at Katangara LGA in Niger State, 45 Hausa people were killed while observing the ongoing Id-el-   Kabir holiday. The culprits are unknown. BRF does not engage in attacks on civilians as outlined in the Geneva Convention   Protocols.

 August 21, 2018: Heavy fighting ongoing in the following seven (7) local governments in northern and southern Kaduna State.   Heavy casualties reported, whole areas on fire and residents on the run:
 1. Chikun LGA
 2. Igabi LGA
 3. Ikara LGA
 4. Jaba LGA
 5. Kagarko LGA
 6. Kajuru LGA
 7. Kaura LGA

 August 20, 2018: Heavy fighting since 19:00 going on in three (3) local governments in Northern Nigeria: Maru LGA, Zamfara   State, Maradun LGA, Zamfara State, and Rabah LGA in Sokoto State. Many houses are on fire and there are heavy civilian and   military casualties.

 August 19, 2018: The High Command of BRF restates its instruction that Biafrans should remain indoors at night and travel in   small groups during the day. No Biafran should participate in any form of protest or large gathering until further notice.

 August 13, 2018: At 00:11, BRF staged a successful operation at the Nigerian Army School of Artillery and the Nigerian Army   Infantry Rehabilitation Center, both in Kachia, Kaduna State. Most Nigerian soldiers fled the scene and many were wounded.
 Stay tuned for casualty counts...   

 August 13, 2018: Seven (7) unidentified Policemen have been killed and burned in Jankasa area of Kaduna Central.

 August 12, 2018: BRF can confirm the following events which took place on August 6, 2018:
     1. At 01:30, 368 Nigerian soldiers lost their lives, and more than 200 were wounded as the rest fled Jaji Military   Cantonment   and Acada Military Barracks in Kaduna State. 
     2. In Ilela, Sokoto State Army Barracks, 98 Nigerian soldiers lost their lives and over 129 were wounded.

 August 11, 2018: BRF can authoritatively confirm a deadly attack on both Nigerian Army barracks and Police station in Katisina   Allah, between Benue and Plateau States. Both the army barrack and police station were burnt to ashes by combined teams of   BRF. All weapons were taken away. 
 Please stay tuned as we tally the total casualties suffered by the Nigerian Army in recent operations in Jaji, Kaduna State,   Sokoto State and the above.

 August 7, 2018: BRF has confirmed that recent stories by the Nigerian Air Force are false. There was no operation carried out in   Zamfara State. Currently, the Nigerian Chief of Air Staff is in Abia State, asking  Governor Okezie Ikpeazu to help quell Biafra   restoration agitation by promising the Governor that he can continue to hold his position.

 August 6, 2018: UPDATE: The Nigerian Government has closed the Sokoto Highway leading to the Airport due to heavy fighting. 
 Schools and civilians are abandoning the area; running to safety.
 August 6, 2018: ALERT! On the request of five (5) Governors located in Biafra land, the Nigerian Government has brought 6,000   soldiers from Ogun State to the Army Barracks in Abia State. BRF recommends that any Biafrans living in the area remain   indoors at night and travel only in pairs or small groups.

 August 6, 2018: Biafra Revolutionary Forces (BRF) has successfully attacked the Sokoto Airport at 00:45 Nigerian time. The   Sultan of Sokoto has gone into hiding as fighting continues between BRF and the Nigerian military.

 July 31, 2018: Fulani soldiers and police carried out a deadly massacre last night in five (5) local governments of Kaduna State. It   should be noted that these Kaduna Indigenes were involved in the massacre of Biafrans during the Biafra-Nigerian War.
     1. More than 20 were killed in Golwyi Village in Chikun local government.
     2. More than 25 people were kidnapped along Birnin Gwari-Funtua Road.
     3. More than 30 people were killed in Kiryoyi and Maganda Villages in Birnin local government.
     4. More than 40 people were killed in Kajuru local government.
     5. More than 20 people were killed in Sango local government, where houses were burned to the ground.

 July 30, 2018: Twenty (20) high-ranking Nigerian Army Officers have been killed in four (4) military barracks at approximately   00:30. The barracks are reported as follows:
 1. Sobi Barrack, Ilorine, Kwara State
 2. Mambi Barrack, Abuja
 3. Sani Abacha Barrack, Abuja
 4. Niger Barrack, Abuja

July 23, 2018: At approximately 9:00 PM, Fulani herdsmen attacked multiple families traveling along Ugwuaji-Enugu-Port   Harcourt expressway. On the Ugwuaji side of the road, Fulanis hijacked the travelers; forcing them into the bush. Women were   raped and beaten. Witnesses repeatedly called for security forces; even the PRO of Enugu did not answer their phones. 

July 18, 2018: A Nigerian gas pipeline in Lagos State has been bombed. More details to follow...

 July 18,2018: The Nigerian Police Station in Baringwari Vuntua Road in Kefi, Kaduna State has been set ablaze. Forty-eight (48)   Police Officers have been burnt beyond recognition. 

 July 17, 2018: UPDATE: BRF confirms that of the 2,500 ISIS militants brought by the Nigerian Governnment from Iran and   Lebanon, 2,470 have been killed. The remaining thirty (30) are currently hiding at the military barrack in Jaji, Kaduna State.   Among the eighty (80) Nigerian soldiers kidnapped in Bama, Borno State this past weekend, thirty (30) were members of the   ISIS  militia.

 July 17, 2018: BRF confirms that twenty (20) Nigerian Army officers serving in the North have been fired following BRF's post   regarding the missing eighty (80) Nigerian soldiers who were kidnapped in Bama, Borno State.The Nigerian Government   claimed that only eight (8) soldiers had been kidnapped.

 July 16, 2018: BRF confirms the real events in Bama, Borno State this past weekend. Eighty (80) Nigerian soldiers and eight (8)   military trucks were taken into custody. These 80 Hausa-Fulani soldiers were preparing for deployment to Enugu State to aid   the Fulani Herdsmen in the slaughter of Biafrans.
 The Buhari administration remains committed to extending the violence in Benue, Kogi, Taraba and Adawama States into   Biafra land. BRF assures Biafrans that we are ever vigilant and able...the Nigerian   Government and its Fulani agents have no   monopoly on violence. 

July 13, 2018: News! BRF confirms payments by the Nigerian Government to over 100 citizens for their development of fake   social media accounts intended to diminish BRF and other Biafrans agitating for freedom. Due to this short-sighted decision,   the Nigerian Government now supports; human slavery, child pornography, prostitution, and sodomy.
 BRF sends a clear message that we will not accept any social media communication which supports illegal or immoral   behavior.

 July 12, 2018: Breaking! BRF confirms heavy fighting currently in Sokoto State, Nigeria at the following local   governments: Goronyo, Gwadabawa, and Gandi in Rabah. In Gandi, one of the military barracks is on fire and the Nigerian   Army personnel have run from the area.
 July 11, 2018: UPDATE: Of the 700 out of 2,500 remaining ISIS members, brought from Iran and Lebanon by the Nigerian   Government, 60 of them are now hiding in Abacha Military Barrack in Abuja. The other 640 were sent back to Ala Hausa Army   Barracks in Lagos. 

 July 9, 2018: The Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) depot in Pogo Minna, the Niger State capital, has been set   ablaze.

 July 3, 2018: UPDATE: After heavy fighting in Abacha Barrack last night, the 700 remaining ISIS militants brought to Nigeria from   Iran and Lebanon, have refused orders to  fight in Plateau State due to the deaths of their 1,800 brothers and commanders.   The Nigerian Government is denying their request to return home because they have already made payments to the   governments that sent them. The militants are now contacting their Ambassadors for assistance. BRF continues to monitor the   situation.

 July 3, 2018: The town of Lur in Kanke, Plateau State, the home of Former Nigerian Leader General Yokubu Gowon, has been   burned to the ground by Hausa-Fulani militias. Gowon is nowhere to be found.

 July 3, 2018: At the time of this filing, in Akure, Ondo State, all former Nigerian Heads of State are holding a meeting to develop   plans on how to kill Jubril, the imposter posing as Buhari.

 July 3, 2018: Of the 2,500 ISIS militants imported by the Nigerian Government from Iran and Lebanon, seven hundred (700) now   remain.These 700 were shipped to Ojo Cantonment in Lagos to be shipped to Biafra land. The ISIS militants refused the order   to enter Biafra land, so were airlifted to Abacha Barrack in Abuja. At the time of this filing, heavy fighting has broken out in the   Abacha Barrack.

 July 3, 2018: BRF can authoritatively confirm plans by the Nigerian Government, led by the Sokoto Caliphate, to send foot   soldiers to Biafra land to create the same bloodshed going on in the Middle Belt. Their first target will be Udi in Enugu State.   From there to Anambra, Abia and Ebonyi States. BRF WARNS ALL BIAFRANS TO BE CAREFUL GOING TO FARMS AND TRAVELING   AT NIGHT ANYWHERE IN BIAFRA LAND.

 June 30, 2018: UPDATE. The number of ISIS militants, brought by the Nigerian Government from Iran and Lebanon, now stands   at 1,000. Commander Hakim, their leader, has been captured. The 1,000 that  remain are trying to run from the country.
 June 27, 2018: The accurate number of Nigerian soldiers who resigned from military service is 480. They resigned due to non-   payment of salaries, not retirement. Currently, The Commissioner of Police in Plateau and Zamfara States have resigned and   are nowhere to be found.

June 25, 2018: The Governor of Zamfara State, Abdulaziz Abubakar, has fled his state due to insecurity.

 June 25, 2018: The Governments of Lebanon and Iran have threatened bombings in Nigeria after demanding the return of 50 of   their personnel who were killed last night in Nigeria. These 50 were among the 2,500 sent as part of ISIS militias. In response,   the Nigerian Government has deployed military personnel to Murtala Muhammad Airport in Lagos and Yakubu Gowon Airport in   Plateau State.

 June 24, 2018: BRF confirms the importation of 2,500 ISIS fighters from Iran and Lebanon by the Nigerian Government. They   have been recieved and are training in Kogi Barrack. It is intended to send 1,500 to Enugu Division and 1,000 to the North to join the Nigerian Army in their search for 'bandits'.

 June 12, 2018: The Nigerian Government has paid 5 million Naira to Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) to trace the locations of BRF.

 May 10, 2018: The following Nigerian Police and Army officers and have been captured by a combined team of BRF:
 1. Major General Faruk Muhammed, 4th Commander Nigeria Army Division-Surulere, Lagos
 2.Colonel Oluwa Baba Shegu
 3. Captain Shedrack Kasim
 4. Major General Aliyu Muhammed
 5. Colonel Abubakar Shehu
 6. Colonel Dankwanbo Amed
 7. Major General Bello Adamu
 8.Colonel Adamu Mamud
 9. Colonel Mamid Mustapha
 10. Captain George Abibo
 11. Colonel Aliyu Magaji
 12. Lawrence Obi, Police Officer

 May 7, 2018: BRF confirmes a meeting held in Lagos State four (4) days ago. The meeting was presided over by the Director of   DSS, Daura. In attendance were:
 1. Inspector General of Police Idris
 2. Former Governor of Abia State, Orji Uzo Kalu
 In attendance by phone:
 1. Clifford Ironaya
 2. Mr. Asiegbu
 3. Leonard Anemene from Trinidad
 4. Chika Akalogbo
 5. Ikenna Nwannoneyi from California
 The meeting focused on the cash donated from overseas to run Radio Biafra International (RBI) in Biafra and the huge amount   of cash given by the Nigerian Government to reactivate the radio stations; one in Owerri, the hometown of Biafran   compromiser Emma Mmezu, and the second in Abia State, home of the IPOB leader.
 The stated purpose of these radio stations is to help the Nigerian Government campaign against the restoration of Biafra.
 The man who was given the money has disappeared and is now declared wanted by Nigerian Police and DSS.

 May 6, 2018: After fierce fighting in Kaduna, combined teams of BRF have captured the following Nigerian Army officers:
 1. Colonel Shehu Yahaya
 2. Colonel Turaki Muhammad

 April 30, 2018: Combined teams of BRF have captured the following Nigerian Air Force officers:
 1. Muhammed Yahaya, Chief of Aristaff- Zone 3 Kaduna
 2. Muslim Amed, Airstaff- Kaduna
 3. Kanti Idris, Airstaff-Zone 4 Kaduna
 4. Garuba Amed, Airstaff- Zone 3 Abuja

 April 29, 2018: Shehu Abubakar, Airstaff Zone 2 Jos, Plateau State, has been captured by the invisible combined teams of BRF.

 April 28, 2018: The High Command of BRF has decided to intervene and stop the slaughter of innocents in Benue and   Nasawara  States, after appeals from the elders of these effected areas. To demonstrate our effectiveness, 28 herdsmen were   killed in Benue and 21 Hausa-Fulani Herdsmen, in Nigerian military uniform, were killed in fierce fighting.

April 26, 2018: At 17:30, BRF captured Nigerian Air Force Officer Abdurazak Ali, Airstaff Zone 3 Abuja

 April 26, 2018: The following Nigerian Air Force officers have been captured by BRF:
 1. Adris Amed, Zone 4 Jos
 2. Shehu Adamu, Zone 4 Jos
 3. Mustapha Atahiru, Zone 3 Jos
 4. Habila Muhammed, Zone 2 Kano

 April 25, 2018: On April 24, 2018, the Nigerian government voted and passed a vote of no confidence against various security   chiefs, including but not limited to, TY Buratai, Army Chief of Staff, and the Chiefs of Staff of the Airforce, Navy, and Police. Fake   President Buhari (Jibril) was summoned to Nigeria with immediate effect. Unsurprising that none of the so called Nigerian   'media' outlets have reported this new development.

 April 25, 2018: New Press Release available below.

 April 24, 2018: The following have been captured by BRF:
 1. Colonel Muhammed Dankwanbo, Army
 2. Colonel Muhammed Hamid, Army
 3. Yerima Amed, Police
 4. Umaro Shetima, Mobile Police
 5. Lawal Diko, a Malian contracted to Nigerian Police

 April 23, 2018: As fighting rages on between combined teams of BRF and Nigerian Forces, the following have been captured:
 1. Major General Mohammed Diko, Army
 2. Colonel Razarak Aliu, Army
 3. Major General Omoyole Tosu, Army
 4. Moses Ocheta, Police
 5. Colonel Adamu Mubarak, An Egyptian Army Officer contracted by the Nigerian military

 April 22, 2018: The following have been set ablaze by combined teams of BRF:
 1. Muhammed Mutala Way Army Barrack near Kaduna State
 2. Abubakar Rimi Way Police Station in Kano
 3. Jalingo Police Station in Taraba State







 Biafra Revolutionary Forces
Office of the High Command

Press Release

September 12, 2018

 Biafra Revolutionary Forces (BRF) confirms the Nigerian Government’s steps to comply with the 21-day ultimatum issued August 29, 2018. This   evacuation order includes all Kaduna-based military personnel, including students and trainees in military academies and those located in the   Infantry Rehabilitation Center in Jaji.

 Biafra RF
 August 29 at 1:56 PM · 
 August 29, 2018: Breaking!
 Biafra Revolutionary Forces (BRF) has given the Federal Government of Nigeria a 21-day ultimatum to completely vacate all military personnel   from  Jaji, Kachia and the entire state of Kaduna or risk being overrun.

 While BRF acknowledges the steps taken. We are also aware of discussions taking place to plan ways to delay a complete evacuation. This release i   informs the Nigerian Government that no delay will be tolerated. We are watching. Any delay will spell doom to the Nigerian Army in Kaduna State.

 Additionally, in an effort to avoid civilian casualties and protect innocents, BRF informs all civilians in Northern Nigeria to take measures toward   their personal safety and that of their families. We offer the following suggestions:

 1. Avoid all military and paramilitary structures
 2. Eliminate contact with all military and paramilitary personnel
 3. Stay away from areas of conflict
 4. Prepare important documents and belongings in case you need to depart quickly.

 All hail Biafra! Long live BRF!




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The following are Nigerian military personnel who have been captured or killed by BRF:

 Sadik Umaro- 2nd Chief of Air Force Staff
 Ibrahim Mota- 2nd Airstaff Chief of Airforce base-Plateau State
 Andrew Abbe- Major General, Commander of Army Forces- Delta State
 Usman Bello- 2nd Commander Nigerian Airforce
 Aliyu Musa- 4th Commander Nigerian Airforce
 Shaibo Umaro- 4th Air Commander- Abuja
 Diko Lawal-  2nd Air Commander- Abuja
 Mustapha Salihu- 6th air Commander- Abuja
 Danjuma Goje- Navy Captain
 Mohammed Sule- Navy Captain
 Yusuf Diko, Airforce Engineer
 Samalia Mohammed, Chief of Airstaff, Zone 7-Kano State
 Lawal Umaro, Chief of Airstaff, Zone 5-Jos, Plateau State
 Danjuma Muhammed, Director of Airforce
 Hasan Husenu, Major General Army  *led Operation Crocodile Tears in Rivers State
 Garuba Shehu, Chief of Airstaff- Zone 2- Kaduna State
 Aliyu Guzo, Chief of Airstaff- Damaturoy, Yobe State
 Danduje Maro, Chief of Airstaff, Kaduna State
 Shaibo Isa, Chief of Airstaff, Plateau State
 Hadija Rabi, Chief of Airstaff, Kano State
 Taiwo Omuniyi, Army Colonel
 Maman Guzo, Army Major General  *second in command of Operation Python Dance 3
 Aminu Aliyu, Chief of Airstaff, Zone 3- Plateau State
 Lawal Gambo, Chief of Airstaff, Jos, Plateau State
 Salihu Ibrahim, Chief of Airstaff, Zone 2, Plateau State
 Ismaila Shehu, Chief of Airstaff, Kaduna State
 Muhammed Tanko, Chief of Airstaff, Kaduna State
 Jubril Umaro, Chief of Airstaff, Sokoto State 
 Ibrahim Shehu, Air Chief of Staff, Jos, Plateau State
 Sule Muhammed, Air Chief of Staff, Jos, Plateau State
 Umaro Ismaila, Air Chief of Staff, Kaduna State
​ Lawal Muhammed, Air Chief of Staff, Borno State
 Yusuf Muhammed, Army Major General
 Hafis Umaro, Army Colonel
 Ibrahim Diko, Army Colonel
 Suleiman Audu, Army Major General
​ Dankwanbo Umaro, Army Colonel
 *The following four officers were captured upon their return from Egypt for training:
 Muhammed Shehu, Air Chief of Staff- Zone 4- Kano/Jos 
 Usman Atahiru, Air Chief of Staff- Zone 4- Kano/Jos 
 Ismailia Muhammed, Air Chief of Staff- Zone 4- Kano/Jos
 Aliya Musa, Air Chief of Staff- Zone 4- Kano/Jos
 Abdulaziz Shehu, Air Marshal
 Dauda Kasum, Air Marshal- Niger State
 Jeremiah Husenu, Air Marshal- Abuja Airforce
 Bafarawa Shehu, Air Force Commander- Niger State
 *The following three (3) officers are from Zone 2- Kano State and Zone 4- Kaduna State:
 George Audu, Air Staff Commander
 Shaibo Usman, Air Staff Commander
 Baba Aliyu Lawal, Air Staff Commander
 Hasan Muhammed, Director of Air Force/Engineer, Zone 4- Jos, Plateau State
 Shehu Mustapha, Chief of Air Force Staff/ Force Commander- Niger State
 Mubarak Ibrahim, Air Force Zonal Commander- Zone 2 Jos, Plateau State
           -Mubarak Ibrahim was an Egyptian Pilot working for the Nigerian Government. He is responsible for                          multiple bombings if Biafraland, mostly in Niger Delta. While the Egyptian High Commission
            searches for his whereabouts, the Nigerian Government is offering N500M, for any information.
 Muhammed Shehu, Chief of Air Staff- Zone 3 Abuja
 Shehu Amed, Second in Command of Air Staff- Zone 3 Kaduna State
 Salihu Ibrahim, Chief of Air Staff/ Director of Nigerian Air Force
            - Salihu Ibrahim was a Director in the Nigerian Air Force who secured the hiring of Air Force pilots from                      Egypt who have been bombing Biafra land on behalf of the Nigerian Government.
 The following nine were killed in fighting in Jaji, Kaduna State and were based in this location:
 Amadu Ali, Major General
 Paul Ilewa, Major General
 Solomon Dina, Colonel
 Shitu Shema, Major General
 Suleman, General Commander- Nigerian Army- Jaji, Kaduna State
 Benson Iwuji, Major General/Bodyguard
 Josiah Onuoha, Colonel/Second in Command
 Abdurahaman Marki, Major
 Shaibo Amed, Major General
 Baba Aliyu Guzo, General Commander- Air Force- Zone 4 Abuja​ 
 The following ten (10) Nigerian Army Officers were killed in battle with BRF at Jaba local government in Kwoi   Kwain, Kaduna State:   
 Nuhu Amed, Colonel
 Shehu Ibrahim, Colonel
 Mohammed Rehuman, Colonel
 Paul Agbo, Major
 Usman Tahiru, Major General
 Mamud Baba Yaro, Colonel
 Kabiru Umaro, Major General
 Abdulaziz Kanti, Colonel
 Unisa Dabo, Sergeant
 Shitu Lawal, Colonel
 The following (6) Nigerian Army Officers were captured by BRF in Jaba local government, Kaduna State:
 Baba Shehu Mamal, Colonel
 Linus Uwesu, Major General
 Dayo Oluwa, Captain
 Muhammed Yusuf, Major General
 Shaibo Abdulaziz, Major General
​ Mustapha Amed, Colonel
 The following two (2) are Egyptian pilots contracted by the Nigerian Government to fly their fighter jets:
 Hasan Saidu
​ Mubarak Amed
 Mamud Shehu, Major General
 Patrick Emmanuel, Colonel
 Josiah Shitu, Colonel
 Ismailia Mohammed, Colonel
 Salif Amed, Colonel 
 Tazeez Mustapha, Captain
 Shelmany Ali, Egyptian Pilot
 Yusuf Amed, Major General- General Comander Plateau State
 Kingsley Mmadu, Colonel
 Ali Yusuf Amed, Major General
 Abubakar Malami, Major General
 Ibrahim Maku, Major General
 Andrew Ochefu, Colonel
​ Salihu Ibrahim, Colonel
 Danjuma Umaro, Major General
 Timothy Ado, Colonel
 Nuhu Ibrahim, Colonel
 Ibrahim Zaki, Colonel
 Mohammed Azeez, Colonel
 Solomon Mark, Colonel
 Isaiah Etim, Colonel
 Yusuf Saido, Colonel
 Umaro Baba, Major
 Oluwa George, Colonel
 Nasiru Tuko, Major General
 Ismailia Audu, Sergeant- Mobile Police
 Johnson Onuwa, Major General- confirmed taking bribe to betray Biafrans
 Dickson Oruka, Colonel- confirmed working to betray Biafrans
 Danjuma Shehu, Air Force Commander- Zone 4 Sokoto
 Balarabi Amed, Colonel
​ Sylvester Alum, General- known as one of the toughest, confirmed betraying Biafrans
 Prosper Ogene, Commander of Air Force- Zone 2 Lantan/Jos
​ Rabby Amed, Major General
 Johnson Efili, Major General
 Olufemi Oluwa, Major General
 Turkish Amed, Major General
​ David Oti, Colonel
 The following Nigerian military and paramiitary men and women have been captured by BRF in Isa local   government, Sokoto State: 
 Oluwa Shegun, Police, Sergeant
 Dickson Dairo, Police
 Josiah Buba, Police
 Mohammed Shehu, Police Inspector
 Abdulaziz Mamud, Police
 Uche John, Police
 Yerima Amed, Customs Officer
 Sule Shetima, Major General, Army
 Shehu Halima, Police
 Andrew Ogbe, Division Head of Isa Police
 Dickson Oti, Colonel, Army
 Shaibo Musa, Major General, Army
 Johnson Muca, Major Genera,l Army
 Simeon Oluwa, Captain, Army
 Isa Mohammed, Commander of Zone 4 Sokoto, Air Force
 Fatima Musa, Police, Sergeant - accepted bribe from Former Govenor of Abia State
 Andrew Barnabas, Major General, Army
 Atahiru Musa, Colonel, Army
 Timothy Ilesa, Major General, Army
 Azeez Ania, Major General, Army
 Linus Anka, Colonel, Army
​ Shehu Diko, Colonel, Army
 Ambrose Audu, Police
 Suleman Kabiru, Major General, Army
 Bello Musa, unidentified
 Bafarawa Amed, Colonel, Army
 Jackson Onuoha, Police
 James Oluwa, Customs
 Shetima Mustapha, Major General, Army
 Paul Ije, Colonel, Army
​ Mohammed Saidu, Colonel, Army
 The following ten (10) Nigerian military and paramilitary officers have been captured alive and killed as fighting   continues throughout the entire Northern region of Nigeria, including Kwara State: 
 Tanko Sahidi, Divisional Police
 Joseph Ehimophe, Divisional Police
 Razak Shegun, Colonel, Army
 Samuel Shegun, Police
 Ibrahim Buba, Colonel, Army
 Ismael Mohammed, Colonel, Army
 Solomon Dauda, Colonel, Army
 Halimuta Isa, Police
 Musa Amed, Major General, Army
 Texas Omoniyi, Major General, Army
 The following Nigerian Army and Police officers have been captured in Kwara State:
 Andrew Bamidele, Mobile Police
 Simeon Onu, Colonel, Army
 Oti Emmanuel, Mobile Police
 Faminine Susan, Police
 Ambrose Aiko, Divisional Police
 Ismailia Shehu, Major General, Army
 Hakim Shola, Police
 Wilfree Mark, Major General, Army
 Rabby Sheka, Major General, Army
 Ibrahim Isiaku, Colonel, Army
 Almadu Mohammed, Director of SARS- Kwara State
 Yahaya Bello, Major General, Army
 Yakubu Ibrahim, Major General, Army
​ Kwankwaso, Major General, Army
 The following Nigerian Security personnel, and one Egyptian Pilot, have been captured in Kwara and Kaduna   States, as two (2) Nigerian Police Stations are ablaze:
 Hamza Amed, Customs Controller of Kano, Kwara and Nigeria/Niger border
 Leo Shema, Brigidier General, Army officer in charge of Kaduna Refinery
 Shitu Bid, Colonel, Army
 Kabiru Mustapha, Mobile Police
 Saidu Abubakar, Egyptian pilot
 Halibar Shema, Captain, Army
 Audu Ibrahim, Captain, Army
 The following ten (10) Nigerian Army officers and Police Officer have been captured by BRF:
 Shegu Babatunde, Colonel, Army
 Dankwanbo Umaro, Major General, Army
 Muhammed Samaila, Major, Army
 Sadik Muhammed, Major, Army
 Lazarus Ambodr, Lieutenant, Army
 Chimaobi Ejo, Major, Army
 Dominic Ella, Major General, Army
 Magnus Omen, Major General, Army
 Razak Mustapha, Major General, Army
​ Andrew Shegun, Police 
 Shehu Babatunde, Customs
 Major General Eleaza Oma, Army
 Colonel Dickson Ode, Army
 Yusuf Umaro, Mobile Police
 Colonel Jackson Onuwa, Army
 Major General Mustapha Aliyu- General Commander 199 Battalion Army Barrack, Kano State
 Colonel Hakim Mamud, Army
 Chukwudi Solomon, Army- Betrayed his people, serving at 133 Army Barrack, Jos, Plateau State
 Colonel Emmanuel Uchenna, Army

 Colonel Magnus Iwa
 Captain Johnson Berema
 Major Dominic Mgbe
 Major General Ibrahim Muhammed- General Officer commanding 149 Barrack in Sokoto State
 Major General Alex Mbadiwe- Commander of military barrack in Jos, Plateau State. A well-known hater of Biafra.
Colonel Nasiru Umaru, Army
 Colonel Idris, Army
 Colonel Sani Muhammed, Army
 Mustapha Amed, Police
 Ibrahim Muhammed, Mobile Police
 Captain Usman Isa, Army
 Colonel Haruna Tijan, Army

 Major General Magaji Muhammed, General Commander of Abacha Barrack in Abuja 
​ Colonel Shehu Yahaya
 Colonel Faruk Almakura, of Abuja Army Barrack, has been captured by BRF. He is the brother of Tanko   Almakura, the Governor of Nasawara State.
 Major General Adamu Bello, from Abacha Military Barracks in Abuja
 Colonel Abubakar Adamu
 Major General Ibrahim Abba
 Major General Zubairo Aliyu
 Major General Shehu Rabby
​ Major General Bashiru Amed



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